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RingTrue™ Tape

Free with the Purchase of Select Rifle Scopes
This product page is for information only.
See item RTTAPE to order RingTrue™ tape separately. 

Due to the matte surface on most rifle scopes, the surface contact between the scope tube and the rings is actually less than 50%. The hard anodize coating on many rings and scopes has a low coefficient of friction, enabling the scope to slip even when the proper torque is applied to the ring screws. Add to that a small misalignment between the rings, and the scope tube can slip under recoil causing scratches and gouges in the scope finish. Just the process of aligning the scope in the rings can leave marks on the scope tube. 

RingTrue™ tape is made from an incredibly thin and strong polymer film that was developed for NASA. It has a weatherproof adhesive on one side and a glossy finish on the other side. The adhesive side is applied to the ring surface. After the scope is installed, the glossy side embosses onto the scope tube surface, creating a 100% surface contact between the scope tube and the tape. It is applied to the rings after lapping and 

  • Prevents the scope from slipping, especially on magnum rifles,
  • Protects the scope tube from being scratched by the rings,
  • Protects the rings from corrosion after lapping. 

What's included:

  • 6 pieces of RingTrue™ tape (enough for one scope). Each piece is 1" wide by 3" long. 
  • 1 single edge razor blade. These premium razor blades hold their edge when trimming tape against the edge of the ring.
  • Instructions.

In most cases, we recommend lapping rings before installing the scope. Most rings that cost less than $100/pair have either extruded ring surfaces, or very rough ring surfaces due to a quick machining process. Lapping removes any small misalignment between the front and rear rings, which prevents stress, deformation or damage to the scope tube. Lapping enables less expensive rings to perform just like more expensive, fully machined tactical rings.

RingTrue™ Tape works best when used after lapping, and when the correct process for applying the tape is followed. Detailed instructions on lapping and taping rings are provided with RingTrue™ Tape for customers who have not used the tape before. Customers who have used it before can order it without instructions.

In some cases, RingTrue™ Tape may still be used without lapping the rings. For 34-35 mm scope tubes, for example, lapping bars in these sizes are not readily available. Fully machined tactical rings are typically used in these cases. When these rings are used on properly installed Picatinny rails, lapping usually is not needed because the rings are already properly aligned. In these cases, applying RingTrue™ Tape to the unlapped rings prevents the scope from being scratched, and increases contact area to prevent the scope from slipping. However, some heavy profile, rigid tactical rings fit so tightly that there is no room for RingTrue™ Tape and use of the tape is simply not possible.

We not recommend using RingTrue™ Tape with Burris Signature rings because they already have polymer inserts.  

RingTrue™ Tape - Promotional Sample
Manufacturer: High Power Optics
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